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How to merge all mp3 files located in the same directory?

I wasn't sure what this error message referred to either. Here are the steps I took to find out: Noticed the final line: pipe:: Invalid argument Searched the ffmpeg docs for the pipe protocol, found ...
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Ffmpeg LUFS Loudnorm normalization results

I looked up LUFS. I didn't know, exactly, what LUFS was doing, and it's purely dB range. The file's max. volume of 0dB, shows there's parts of the song that are already at peak. So, -11.8 LUFS, is ...
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Convert an MP3 from 48000 to 44100 Hz?

13 years on, and there still is no accepted answer :) Here is the BSDmakefile I use to convert multiple files at once. The syntax may be slightly different for other make-flavors. Instead of ...
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I want to change the track and title of mp3 files using their ID3 Tag data in all sub directories too not just the folder I am in

How about ffmpeg? Well, ffprobe actually, but it's part of the package. #!/bin/bash set -o noclobber # just a precaution get_metadata() { local song="$1" local song_track=$(ffprobe -v ...
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