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SFS file not found error when booting live Puppy Linux

I was getting the well-known error: /puppy_fossapup64 9.5.sfs not found. My grub2 menuentry needed fixing. Context: I have a NVMe ssd setup in a GPT partition. Puppy Linux files were copied inside ...
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How to restore GRUB in my case?

On modern systems (using UEFI) grub is installed in pieces in two places: An EFI "stub" on your EFI partition Modules and configuration in a /boot directory. Typically you use grub-install ...
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unable to unlock advanced settings of bios in haeir y11b laptop

I don't agree with ChanganAuto's phrasing, per se, but he's correct: you are making assumptions and those assumptions are causing you to think the solution is someplace it isn't. Your best choice is ...
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Can I move the /boot/efi and the swap partition?

Swap can be disabled, deleted, re-created where you want it (mkswap), and re-enabled. Make sure to update your /etc/fstab with the new UUID if it had any mentions of the old partition. The EFI ...
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Can I move the /boot/efi and the swap partition?

Trying to move a partition is always risky, particularly one at the beginning. You can minimize the risk by making a full drive image, so you can revert from a disaster. Verify the image. Then you can ...
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How do I transfer boot partitions after installing Windows 10 and 11 to different drives?

The EFI partition is located by the BIOS by its partition signature, so can reside anywhere. This seems like a simple method : Use Disk Management, right-click C: and select "Shrink volume" ...
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Inconsistent partition size

682 is the size of the file system. 913 GB is the size of the partition. Probably using a disk editor like DMDE or TestDisk you can 'recover' the 682GB file system. Perhaps there's other tools too. ...
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How can I make Linux/Win10/Linux triple-boot work?

I am a fool. Logging in to my Ubuntu instance (where apparently my grub installation originated) then running sudo update-grub solved my issue. I found inspiration in Adding Other Operating Systems to ...
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