You could find the number of monitors and used lanes by using the free TechPowerUp GPU-Z. Under the Advanced tab, you will find the monitors and the number of lanes taken by each one. From this data you may find the number of DisplayPort signals taken off the bus:


The Intel HD Graphics 4600 can in theory support three monitors (link). However, this requires more graphical ports than are available in your notebook. Also, this being a notebook, it's not possible to add in a new graphic card that supports DisplayPort. I think you will need to settle for two monitors, connected to your two ports.


The voltage is dipping when your air conditioner kicks in. This will happen if your PC and/or AC is a long distance from your breaker panel AND they are on the same circuit. On start up, the AC is drawing more current which means the voltage drop to the wire or I2R losses goes up decreasing voltage at load and hence the monitor shuts down. From ...

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