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Want to install MySQL 5.7 but apt-cache policy mysql-server not showing mysql 5.7 on Ubuntu 22.04

Finally able to solve this issue Apparently the issue happened due to this error when apt update "signature couldn't be verified" error like this one: NO_PUBKEY 467B942D3A79BD29 To fix this ...
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How do I start a MySQL server on Windows?

The can't read/write permission problem could be because mysqld.exe is already running. Consider terminating those processes via the task manager and then run your normal startup routine!
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mysql consistently loses connection on long running big select statements

You need perhaps to increase your timeout values. From the command line you can increase the number of seconds to wait for a connection response using the --connect-timeout option. The default is 10 ...
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Temp folder unusable

I had the exact same issue, with Kamil's help, and following what is mentioned in this website, I could fix my problem. Just thought others might find it help
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Disable 2FA for phpMyAdmin through terminal

I've accessed mysql though terminal but cannot figure out how to disable 2FA from there See this answer on Ask Ubuntu: You can reset the U2F(2FA) by deleting the row or the data in the phpmyadmin ...
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