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MySQL: Converting Row to Columns Based on Field Values

Recreating your dataset with: create table test ( PKey bigint primary key, attr1 varchar(10) not null, attr2 varchar(10) not null, data1 int not null, data2 int not null, RecCreated ...
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Move mysql databases to external drive on MAC OS (dealing with the absence of my.conf file)

this was working for me since 2021. Recently Tried to upgrade my SQL to version 8.4 but with the more modern password system would not work the software I needed to use Tried down grading to 8.3.0. ...
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MariaDB --tc-heuristic-recover in Docker container

Or in a file .yml (docker-compose) can be given the command: services: mariadb: command: --tc-heuristic-recover=ROLLBACK Before that, I deleted the tc.log (because I also had an error ...
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keep getting mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user 'testing'@'localhost' (using password: YES) for non-root users

First you need to create a username specifically like 'testing'@'localhost' Then you need to do a grant all privileges on database_name.* to 'testing'@'localhost'; If you are on the same machine ...
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How to Import MySQL 4.1.14 data into MySQL 5.7.44?

Have you tried (on a copy of the files of course) something like or just to get a dump? Actually, it might actually even work ...
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How to Import MySQL 4.1.14 data into MySQL 5.7.44?

There are still sites that have MySQL 4.1.x, such as Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which has v.4.1.21 downloads for various operating systems. That version is likely compatible ...
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phpMyAdmin cannot login - keeps asking for credentials

Something that worked for me was going into my shell, and opening MySQL with the root user mysql -uroot. Since I have never opened it in this PC before (I migrated from Ubuntu to Windows) it prompted ...
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