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clone failing drive without losing redundancy on Synology NAS

As an alternative option, temporary changing some parameters can drastically speed up the raid expansion in some cases (for example, from 10 days to 16 hours). You can use cat /proc/mdstat and mdadm --...
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Can I swap between two RAIDs on one NAS?

It would work. The NAS software would be old, but so will the files. Raid protects you from drives going bad. The only reason for doing anything more, like me, is to protect against fire, floods or ...
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Copying files from one NAS to another

Provided your NAS are linux-based (most if not all are), and you are able to use ssh on your NAS, I recommend to use tar and scp for the fastest possible data transfer. I had to transfer Time Machine ...
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Synology NAS: deleted files but space won't go down

The names of system catalogs in Synology generally start with the “at” symbol (@). According to the post Download station does not delete temp files this folder contains torrent seeded files and ...
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Win 10 Pro cannot see or ping Server and NAS in Network Environment

I had a similar problem with my RaspberryPi NAS. I tried all the things you did and then discovered that my eero mesh system had a subnet mask while the RaspberryPi had a subnet mask of ...
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