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Folder location / path issue

here the path to change the default location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders But even if you change it, maybe the problem can remain again ...
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Optimizing NFS share for many small files

I ended up finding a solution that worked well for me, so wanted to post a follow-up for anybody also trying to solve this solution. I didn't have any luck trying to optimize the NFS connection, as it ...
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Image a drive to network share from Windows

I've used linux live (ultimate boot cd) clonezilla years ago to duplicate a windows disk drive to another disk drive, possibly through USB SATA adapter. You want to copy a windows PC while you are ...
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How can I create SMB shares accessible from Windows/Mac/Linux clients which are hosted on a linux server (with login via LDAP)?

Samba, the default SMBv3 file server for Linux, always uses system accounts for all access control when not in AD mode – both for share-level access (valid users = @staff) and for file-level access (...
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