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Convert columns into a single row in notepad++

The right-arrow you see is a tab, so it looks to me like you want to replace tab with new line. You can do this with regex using the parameters in the image below This changes into
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In Notepad++/Sublime Text 3, how do I make all text lowercase by regex, but only if specific phrase occured in the line?

You can use: ^.*?[Mm]odels.*?$ Explantation: ^ - match start of the line .*? - anything, non-greedy, after and before the word you're looking for [Mm]odels - case insensitive models. Wrap it in \bs ...
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Select last 5 words of a paragraph in Regex

First of all, let's explain your regex: (\H*){5} matches 5 time 0 or more non-horizontal spaces, it matches a single word that is, at least, 0 or 5 or more character long. (?=$) doesn't make sense, ...
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Notepad++ Advanced Search and Replace

What you can test is in Find what: to enter: ([0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3})(.*) and in Replace with: xxx.yyy$2 This will search for from 1 to 3 digits, then dot, then again 1 to 3 digits, then the rest. ...
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Reverse text in Notepad++

Solution with little Regular Expression, but using only NotePad ++ (tested on v.8.5.3): (Select sentence to modify if not all the file) Ctrl+h (or Menu SEARCH > Replace...) (Make sure the Regular ...
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