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fixed number of columns (characters) per line in notepad++

I can't find the option to enable "show vertical edge". In the latest version of Notepad++ (8.6.8) you need to go to Preferences > Margins/Border/Edge and change "Vertical Edge ...
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fixed number of columns (characters) per line in notepad++

For newer version of Notepad++: Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Margins/Borders/Edge. On the Vertical Edge Settings box, set the number of characters per column. This is how the page will ...
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Overriding The Notepad++ File Size Limit

Faced this today and found the reason: The error message is misleading on older Notepad++ versions. The actual issue is not with the file size, but the sum total RAM required for already loaded files +...
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Notepad++: cursor past end of line / virtual spaces?

While the answer provided by acatalept works and proved to be very useful to me, these days there is a much easier alternative. Since version v8.4.3 of NPP (2022) there is a follwoing option: Settings ...
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Dark mode in Notepad++ doesn't work with user defined language

In the Default style group frame of the User Defined Language dialog click on the Styler button. You will see the Styler Dialog: Font colors Foreground and Background is what used to show text in ...
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Notepad++ Change color of next highlighted text

I use Visual Studio Code with the Text Marker Extension. It highlights text in different colors.
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Can Notepad++ be made to open file links in itself?

Later versions of Notepad++ have added this ability directly. No URI syntax is necessary; just the filename itself. For example, the document you're editing contains: for details, see ../other/file....
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Notepad++ open cmd in current file's directory

In the current version, right click the current file tab, select 'Open into', select 'Open Containing Folder in cmd'
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Replaced text in multiple documents in notepad++. How do i undo them all?

You can use PythonScript plugin with the extension from here: See the README_EN.txt and script. The script does ...
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