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Why is it faster to restore applications from System Tray than from the Taskbar?

When you click on the taskbar icon, the application first has to start and then checks, if another process of the program is running. If so, it puts the process in the foreground and terminates itself....
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Why is Windows reporting a battery charge with my desktop?

You can run the following command at the cmd to list devices Windows thinks are batteries: wmic path Win32_Battery get Caption,Description,DeviceID,Name You can also go to the Device Manager under ...
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Minimize app WhatsApp in system tray / notification area

I have modified the RBTray app to work with the WhatsApp desktop client. Download WhatsappTray here Important: DON'T start the application with admin rights unless WhatsApp is also running with ...
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Getting taskbar with clock (notification area) on second monitor with Windows 10

You can right click either taskbar, uncheck Lock all taskbars, and then drag the taskbar that includes the Notification Center onto the monitor you want it. Afterwards you can recheck the Lock all ...
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Disable Microsoft Edge Pop-up Notifications in Taskbar and System Tray

According to How-To Geek these advertisements can be disabled in the Windows 10 Settings: They’re not generated by the Microsoft Edge app on your PC. Instead, they’re generated by the Windows ...
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How to show battery percentage on battery icon in task bar without hovering or clicking?

I developed a simple open-source alternative to solve this exact problem. Percentage is downloadable from the GitHub repository at You can compile the application ...
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How to read the entire "Unauthorized changes blocked" message?

Alas that's the shortest I managed to find: It's in the Event Viewer Application and Services Microsoft Windows Windows Defender Operational The info about the program that triggered the ...
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Stop the windows search bar (aka microsoft edge search bar tray icon) from auto-launching / starting at startup

My own solution: Disable it A. Registry Start menu > type "registry" > right click > run Registry Editor as admin (or open it if you don't have this option) In the input field at ...
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Getting taskbar with clock (notification area) on second monitor with Windows 10

Set your monitor as main monitor in Display properties, unlock the taskbar, right click on the taskbar and select properties, you should have a section there that lets you show it on multiple monitors,...
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Applications disappear from notification area over time

I contacted Slack support and they said: Unfortunately this is a really annoying bug we have in the desktop app. When a new update is installed, it's placed in its own subdirectory within the Slack ...
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How do I minimise spotify to the system tray?

The minimize option of Spotify could be checked by following settings: Go to settings / show advanced settings and find the setting "Close button should minimize Spotify to the tray".
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How can I prevent an app (specifically zoom) from running in the background when I close it?

This annoys me too, so I wrote a oneline AutoHotKey script for this: ^q::run, taskkill /f /im zoom.exe This does the following: ^q means control + q. You can change this to another shortcut if you ...
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Where could I find the dll/exe/process that handles the Bluetooth tray icon?

A BT icon is present in %systemroot%\system32\netshell.dll, but it looks a bit too dark. The standard tray icon is probably the one in %systemroot%\system32\btpanui.dll.
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How to show the week number on the Windows system tray calendar?

With T-clock you can get the week number to show in the system tray: Download and unzip Start Clock64.exe Time Format -> Check the "Advanced clock format" box Add 'Wi' (without quotes) somewhere in ...
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Show the Google Chrome tray icon after accidentally hiding it

Go to Settings > System and check the box to "Continue running background applications when Google Chrome is closed". That should bring the icon back.
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How can I get the full Windows 10 Notification messages (they are truncated)

Looked for the same thing and found this solution here: Often you can find the notifications in the Event ...
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How do I turn on the Volume system icon without uninstalling my audio driver?

As I remember correctly you can turn off the Realtek tray app under Taskmanager>"Autostart". I think its called "rltktrayapp". This should disable the realtek icon and let you use the original ...
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Minimize app WhatsApp in system tray / notification area

Use this program: I tested with WhatsApp and worked fine! Updated: April 2020 Use this RBTray which is a fork of Original RBTray and It works fine. Download 64-...
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nm-applet doesn't use appindicator

I have the same setup in Arch linux. Enlightenment 0.21 and NM. To make it work, you need to build NetworkManager from git, since the appindicator support has not been released yet, but it's in the ...
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Old pop-up notifications in Windows 10

Winaero posted a hack to enable the old Balloon Tips again: Open Registry Editor. Go to the following Registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer Create a new 32-bit ...
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Why is Windows reporting a battery charge with my desktop?

This could be because you have a UPS connected. It does not seem to happen all the time, though. From personal experience, on one desktop, when I installed Windows 10, it seems to have detected it as ...
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How to dismiss OneDrive notification in Windows Defender Security Centre?

I had this exact issue and found it difficult to find an answer to as well. I was personally able to solve this by going to Add/Remove Programs and uninstalling OneDrive itself.
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How to minimize applications to system tray instead of taskbar?

The app RBtray works well for explorer windows. It does not work with the Whatsapp Desktop version. After installing, it allows you to minimize almost any window to the taskbar instead of the system ...
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Show taskbar (system tray) icons on all displays

I believe you need to open the Settings app and then go to Personalisation > Taskbar. Scroll down to Multiple displays, and flick the switch that says "Show taskbar on all displays". Check that the "...
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What is this arrow icon that briefly appears in the taskbar notification area?

This icon is the Windows Location Services, it comes up when an app/program/service is using the Location Services. Same icon in the settings: See more details in the Windows location service and ...
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Remove "Show Desktop" button next to the clock in Windows 7

I really don't like those precompiled closed-source tools so here is a simple AutoIt script that you can copy in your startup folder: $hwnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Shell_TrayWnd]", "") ControlHide($...
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Windows: Completely remove Action Center icon

Here's the trick! Forget about other answers to this issue. Just go to: Settings > Personalisation > Taskbar > Notification Area > "Turn system icons on or off". Yes, Personalisation! None of the ...
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Gnu Emacs : how to minimize it to system tray?

I don't think you understand, closing and reopening emacsclient is what you are supposed to do, the deamon is always running, so when you close emacsclient and reopen it, it should be instant as every ...
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Notification and Action center is gone

Go to Control Panel | Notification Area Icons. Click "Turn System icons on or off" and make sure that the icon for Action Center is set to On: If your setting is grayed out, this can have to do with ...
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