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I can't write anything on NTFS drives in kubuntu 16.10

You need to disable fast startup in Windows so that the system is cleanly unmounted on shutdown. This will allow you to dual-boot safely. You need to do this because Windows normally does not ...
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How to resolve libosxfuse versions dependencies

Got the same issue. Resolved as: "You need to install osxfuse version 3.0.3 or later." Check here:
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4 votes

does files on ntfs have uid and gid?

tl;dr: No. NTFS file system entries have an owner, which is basically the same as the user ID you’d have on Linux. The group ID is part of the octal permission system on Linux. Windows does not have ...
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Is HFS+ a good idea for access across Mac and Linux (and sometimes Windows)

HFS+ support on Linux is mediocre at best. In theory, it's supported, but filesystem checking is essentially nonexistent without a lot of manual work, and it has issues sometimes if the filesystem ...
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2 votes

Inaccessible files in NTFS filesystem, bug or corruption?

Since the essential file attributes like owner, size and timestamp are listed as question marks, this looks very much like some filesystem corruption. You might find more information about the input/...
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How can files with the exact same name be created in a folder?

I have seen this happen: one file had a regular "a" (ASCII 0x61), the other had a very similar looking "Cyrillic small letter a" (U+0430). There are many characters in the Cyrillic аlphаbet that look ...
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Why can't I create sparse files on my NTFS partition under Linux?

cp --sparse=always should do the trick, root@devad22:/t# truncate -s 1G ntfs root@devad22:/t# mkfs.ntfs ntfs --force ntfs is not a block device. mkntfs forced anyway. The sector size was not specified ...
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1 vote

Detect Linux NTFS symlinks under Windows/WSL

I figured it out using ntfsinfo and comparing two files -- a symlink made from Linux and a copy of the symlink file created in Windows. It has to be a system file (ATTRIB +S on Windows, or use ...
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How do I see and set the NTFS compression attribute in Linux?

Assuming you're using the ntfs-3g driver, my understanding is that the compression attribute can only be set on directories. This can be done by setting the compression flag in the ntfs attributes (...
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How do I see and set the NTFS compression attribute in Linux?

Seems like some low level programming will be needed to achieve this. The flags/bits you are looking for are stored in $BMP and/or $MFT areas of the NTFS partition. References: https://en.wikipedia....
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File not visible, but still taking up disk space

Run chkdsk /f on the drive in question from Windows. This will repair any corrupt file entries.
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1 vote

Is it safe to use an NTFS volume (partition) for Linux `/home` mountpoint?

Altough generally it is supported with ntfs-3g you have to keep in mind a few things : permissions - both Linux and Windows have different rules about permissions and one might not apply exactly to ...
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1 vote

Processes accessing USB device freeze and become uninteruptible

If the "waiting channel" is in "read_descriptor" state, it means that the USB channel went into heavy recovery after a fairly serious hardware problem, because the "descriptor stage" occurs only on ...
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1 vote

Is there a difference between Windows-created NTFS and Gparted-created NTFS?

To answer your question bluntly... No, there is no difference, they are all the same, and there is no cause for concern here. NTFS as a filesystem hasn't changed in 15 years, since v3.1 was ...
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1 vote

Is there a difference between Windows-created NTFS and Gparted-created NTFS?

They just added new features for what the OS can do with them, older system's will simply not know what to do with it and will essentially treat it as a part of the file that's simply never asked for ...
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1 vote

trouble using autofs with ntfs-3g

As mentioned by the other answer, the autofs version (at least 5.0.7 and 5.0.8) have a bug. They add the -s flag, which is not supported by ntfs-3g. If updating is not an option for you, then here is ...
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1 vote

Incremental Backups of ntfsclone Images

A while ago, I wrote a program which creates efficient deltas between ntfsclone images. It was particularly easy because the file format of the ...
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