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Is it safe to delete a file that is reportedly bigger than it should be

That's not necessarily erroneously bigger than your whole drive. Many filesystems including NTFS and ext4 support sparse files, in which areas consisting entirely of 'zero' bytes (00 00 00 00 ...) do ...
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Is there a way to make changes to an NTFS hard-linked file be written to a new file?

This would not be a "hardlink" anymore; it would be called a "reflink" or "copy-on-write link". Copy-on-write links are not supported by NTFS, as it doesn't support ...
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Is it safe to delete a file that is reportedly bigger than it should be

In case there is a problem with the disk, I suggest as first step to ensure that you have backups for the data on the disk. As the disk is NTFS, it's best handled on Windows as follows. As second step,...
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All NTFS volumes on drive turning inaccessible at the same time

Problem is chkdsk ran and 'repaired' the file system to a 'consistent state'. However to achieve this it sacrificed the directory structure etc. and moved all files to found.000 folders. NEVER run ...
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How to recover file system access after losing non-mirrored MFT records?

I am not aware of any tools that can do this, mirror of MFT only contains first 4 records if I am not mistaken despite the popular belief that a backup of the entire MFT exists somewhere. These are ...

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