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Why is my laptop screen going black on warm colors at 144 Hz?

I sent my laptop the manufacturer. According to them the LED panel's circuit breaker is going off when it cant bear the dense RGB colors on 144hz and thus shutting off the screen.
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How to flush / garbage collect GPU memory - Windows 10 - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

If it's your browser that's hogging the resources, there are typically internal page URI's that can trigger the release/refresh. For example, for Google Chrome, you can type into the omnibox: chrome:/...
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How to flush / garbage collect GPU memory - Windows 10 - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

I have same issue for few months and looking for same answer. I think the VRAM usage is slowly increasing even on idle. Also, on restart, the card is installed again, getting a new instance ID. I did ...
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No signal on brand new monitor, Nvidia GPU

The HDMI cable works while in Windows if it fits properly (tight). Using DP cable now, which works (shows signal) in BIOS as well.
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Nvidia GTX 1660Ti Code 43 on Device Manager

Can you please give an update on this problem. I'm experiencing similar issues with my Victus 16. Can't open Nvidia Control panel, code 43, very little information being shown when using GPU-z.
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What is the difference between a GPU with 1x 16GB vs 2x 8GB VRAM?

If your workload requires more than 8GB of VRAM for optimal performance, you'll see significant performance loss as the GPU(s) need to swap to system RAM or storage. If your workload uses 8GB or less ...
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