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NVMe m.2 drive refuses to boot on its original HP ProBook

We updated UEFI without the NVMe plugged in via the HP BIOS setup menu, since there is a function to download the UEFI ("BIOS") update from there so long as you have a network connection. It ...
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Unallocated space (ubuntu 22.04.04)

The disk space is allocated in Volume group. If you exec command vgs you will see it. If you want to use it you can create new logical volume with command vlcreate, then create filesystem and mount it ...
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NVMe enclosure compatability: drive won't fit

Not all M.2 drives are NVMe – cheaper ones are SATA – and the two use different connections – some of the pins on your M.2 connector are for PCI-Express (i.e. NVMe) and some are used for SATA. M.2 ...
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GIGABYTE B450M DS3H w/ Ryzen 5 3600 PCIe bifurcation

There is a note at the bottom: (Note) This item is present only when you install a CPU that supports this feature. Although for non-G CPU's it should work. There was extensive table from ASUS, which ...
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