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Does changing the MX records on Tucows DNS affect POP/IMAP?

If I change the MX records, will the incoming email be diverted to the Microsoft server (once the DNS propagation has completed): Yes. Remote email services use the MX record to tell where to send ...
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Trying to set up a exchanger formula in MS Excel

Turn your pattern into a usable format string for the TEXT function: =TEXT(B2,SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(C2,"1","0"),",","\,"),"/","\/"...
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Excel column widths changing upon data refresh, DESPITE "adjust column widths" being unchcked

I had the same problem and was scratching my head for weeks before realizing that upon switching to a new computer that it had not installed all the updates available for Excel and that this was a bug ...
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How to make document dimensions match printouts

As suggested by @harrymc the following works. Uncheck the following: Word File > Options > Advanced > Print, is "Scale content for A4 or 8.5 x 11" paper sizes" Furthermore: ...
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Any way to allow multiple people to edit a coauthored, password protected workbook, at the same time?

You are asking to share an Excel workbook which is protected by password. Microsoft calls this feature collaboration or co-authoring, and this feature is available on recent-enough versions of Excel. ...
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Update macro to expand each row height by X pixels

I know this is an old question but Office Scripts seems more accessible than VBA macros so here is an alternative to the accepted answer. function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) { /**Change ...
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New Outlook doesn't allow me to sign in to shared mailbox

I contacted MS Support that provided me with the solution. If you have access to the shared mailbox in OWA, and if you are trying to add the shared mailbox in New Outlook, right-click the name of the ...
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Equivalent of "Styles" pane in Word for Mac

@Swolf and @Tetsujin -- There is a Styles Pane option in Word for Mac 365 in the Home Ribbon. I am using Microsoft(R) Word for Mac Version 16.81 (24011420) with a Microsoft 365 Subscription If you ...
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Equivalent of "Styles" pane in Word for Mac

How to find something in an app on Mac. Click the Help menu. Type part of the word you're looking for. Follow the floating arrow. Note that Office for Windows & Office for Mac are designed &...
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Distinct limits for To and CC recipients vs BCC recipients in Outlook on Office 365?

I've been looking into this as well. Unfortunately there appears to be no option to set separate limits for To/CC and BCC. This is also confirmed in this article on the Microsoft community. I did find ...
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