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How to create a desktop shortcut to a Onedrive file

You can right click on Excel in your taskbar, it doesn't work from the start menu, and you'll have the option to pin or select recently used files which will take them from the local cache without ...
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How to force remote Documents folder on OneDrive to sync with local Dokumenty (a name in a non-english system language) folder?

It is possible just to edit the location of Documents like this, that's what the dialog does: I have found out that I can enable the same functionality as the dialog window just by editing registry ...
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Can't remove old OneDrive account from Mac and sign in with new account

Additionally to the instruction above I had to remove all records with old tenant id in the Keychain application. It helped me to login to the new OneDrive tenant.
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OneDrive failing with Location Not Available after changing user directory

Thanks a lot . i too had the same issue and all my desktop icons had vanished after chaning my location from external hard drive to one of the drive in my laptop. even after changing the location from ...

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