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Where do offline changes in a OneDrive/Word document go?

Late update: we stumbled onto a solution to this the other day, because it came up again how annoying it is to have the work seem to vanish, and the old derelict file was still sitting there (the ol' ...
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OneDrive has suddenly stopped syncing "live" data

any updates on this? I've the same problem with one drive business and excel 2019. Already did a repair on office 2019, reinstalled one drive but the problem persists. I've spoked with microsoft and ...
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What program is behind "Node.js JavaScript Runtime" accessing my files (downloading cloud OneDrive files)?

It was caused by one of two Adobe applications: Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Acrobat I uninstalled them both. I verified that node.exe / Node.js JavaScript Runtime no longer runs. I verified that the ...
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Boxcryptor stopped working, how do I access the encrypted files on OnDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive?

If you had a free account, it's already too late - everything has been deleted. If you had a paid account, you should still be able to log in at their site export your ...
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How to back up Documents with OneDrive, while also using another cloud service?

I recommend relocating your iCloud files and folders to a location outside the area you intend to back up with OneDrive. Given that you already have iCloud automatically backed up on its platform, ...
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Is it possible to force an unlock on a OneDrive Excel file?

I was editing an Excel file from OneDrive, when my computer rebooted due to Windows patches. When I restarted I was locked out of the Excel file. I simply re-logged out of OneDrive and then logged ...
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How to back up Documents with OneDrive, while also using another cloud service?

A good explanation why having iCloud Pictures blocks also the backup of Documents or Desktop is found in the Ask Leo article of The Problem With OneDrive Backup. Note that the sub-title of the article ...
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How to map a OneDrive Folder -> to a Teams File Folder

You can do this in the opposite direction (where the files are stored in Teams), by linking a Teams folder into your OneDrive: And it shows up as a folder in OneDrive that you can work on and ...
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How would I block OneDrive from syncing a folder?

It is possible with most subdirectories using this method: Easy way around it without stopping the backup is to make a copy of the folder somewhere outside of desktop/documents/pictures and login to ...
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How to back up Documents with OneDrive, while also using another cloud service?

You need to duplicate the folders that interfere with icloud. Firstly, create a folder by opening a cmd prompt and typing mkdir %userprofile%\pictures_onedrive Every time the computer starts, a batch ...
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