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I solved this problem by adding an alias for htop in ~/.bashrc: alias htop='TERM=xterm-color htop'


My situation is simple. I have two output some hdmi and some analog, so based on answer (thanks) I wrote this little script and call it with keyboard shortcuts. #!/bin/bash # parameter: "hdmi" or "analog" output=`pactl list short sinks |grep $1 | cut -f1` pactl set-default-sink $output for i in `pacmd list-sink-inputs |grep index: | awk '{print $...


It's because we have installed a 32 bits openSuse operating system # uname -m i686 Zypper is clever enough to only show the packages it can install acording to the destination platform. It doesn't show the x86_64 packages like: ambari-server-


I know this is an old post, but here it is September 2019 (Amarok v. 2.9.0) and just when I think I've got it all documented, it is still a struggle to get Amarok working with my m4a files on my new Fedora 30 build. This time, the main clue was here: . What got it working for me was:...

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