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What does asterisk "*" mean in a unix PATH environment variable?

This other answer states your $PATH is invalid, but I disagree. That's because, in bash at least, it won't cause any errors - either when you set it, or when the shell tries to resolve a command via $...
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\\wsl$\Ubuntu is not accessible anymore from File Explorer

Also do check that nothing has turned off the Virtual Machine Platform behind your back - as following the above steps and then doing this solved the issue for me.
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how to change install location of "winget"?

you can use "Progra~1" for "Program Files" and "Progra~2" for "Program Files (x86)". this is an error caused by powershell or cmd syntax, and not because of ...
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is there an 'upwards' find?

In case someone is looking for something similar but more concise for interactive shell Bash You can define a short recursive function: upfind () { ls -d $1 || upfind ../$1 } Zsh A one-liner is ...
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