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Those are two slightly different issues, but neither of them is actually email-related. When emailing a file, I noticed that every slash got replaced. I'm on gmail, and when attaching a file named 1/2.pdf, Gmail shows me 1:2.pdf That's a macOS (OS X) quirk. Normally, the slash / is the path separator in OS X (and other operating systems) and therefore not ...


You can make use of beamer's note mechanism. If you add your notes using the macro \note{...} --- author: Author title: Presentation Title date: \today --- # first chapter ## sub title \note{a comment for `point 1` with additional information to say but not to display for the listeners} - point 1 <!--- a comment for `point 2` with additional ...


Just select 'Print' and when choosing 'Printer' change to 'Microsoft Print to PDF' print Print to PDF

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