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Computer super slow and laggy, while resources are not being used

Tinker with paging file setting in "View advanced system setting" by setting the option to "automatically manage paging file size for all drives" or 1/3 of the ram size and it will ...
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Hard disk suddenly is extremely slow

This might help someone: my HDD was suddenly super slow with projects taking like half a day to copy. THEN I realized I moved the PC recently, and since I was in headphones I couldn't hear it was now ...
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Strange performance differences in read/write from/to USB flash drive

I have been testing that too. I´m copying SDD to USB, HDD to USB, USB to USB and it is slow. Using linux pv < /dev/sdb > /dev/sdd 81.1GiB 4:59:40 [11.5MiB/s] [======> ] 69% ETA 2:13:20. But ...
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Dedicated GPU memory of ryzen 5 5500u

For an APU (integrated graphics) there is little difference between dedicated RAM and shared RAM in terms of performance for most situations. Dedicated RAM for an APU is memory that is permanently ...
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Disabling pagefile in windows 10

Regarding the question "how it can affect me negatively?", disabling the paging file can sometimes cause apps to hang or crash if they are badly-designed and depend on the paging file to ...
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