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Windows SSH: Permissions for 'private-key' are too open

You locate the file in Windows Explorer, right-click on it then select "Properties". Navigate to the "Security" tab and click "Advanced". Change the owner to you, disable inheritance and delete all ...
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Windows SSH: Permissions for 'private-key' are too open

Keys must only be accessible to the user they're intended for and no other account, service, or group. GUI: [File] Properties → Security → Advanced Owner: Change → Select a principal → Enter key's ...
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Delete old windows / program files from second drive?

Open a Command Prompt with administrative privileges. Run following commands, one at a time (change "Z:\Program Files" with folder you want to delete): takeown /F "Z:\Program Files&...
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How can I make chown work recursively?

chown -R someuser:somegroup /your/folder/here/* This will apply chown to all files and all subdirectories and sub-subdirectories of the specified folder. Use with care.
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Do I really need recursive chmod to restrict access to a folder?

For a directory, "read" access lets you list the contents, and "execute" access lets your traverse the directory to open one of its children (file or subdirectory). So if you remove: just the read ...
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Permissions on private key in .ssh folder?

Am posting this as a separate answer since I wanted to see man page recommendations translated into permissions. Summary based on the man page quotes (linked at the end): Directory or File Man Page ...
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If a Chrome Extension is installed but turned off, can it still spy on me?

When an extension is turned off, it is not loaded into memory, and as such can't do anything. When you turn an extension on, it has access to your entire browser history, and if an extension wants, ...
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Delete old windows / program files from second drive?

What worked for me was a simplified version of this suggestion: Rename the Windows folder to Windows.old Run Disk Cleanup from the Start menu Select the drive containing the Windows.old folder ...
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Windows SSH: Permissions for 'private-key' are too open

In addition to the answer provided by ibug. Since i was using the ubuntu system inside windows to to run the ssh command. It still was not working. So i did sudo ssh ... and then it worked
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How to tar a directory preserving not only permissions, but ownership too

I have to compress a directory using tar.gz preserving not only permissions, but ownership/groups too. By default, tar will preserve file permissions and ownership when creating the archive. To ...
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Creating User in esxi 6.5 and assigning role

I was trying to figure this out as well and found the solution. It's a little strange assigning the user permissions, as it's in a different location from the tab where you create users and roles. If ...
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Windows SSH: Permissions for 'private-key' are too open

I had a similar issue but I was at work and don't have the ability to change file permissions on my work computer. What you need to do is install WSL then copy the your key to the hidden ssh directory ...
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How can I make my own account a sudoers on VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is TOTALLY relevant to the question. This can happen if you chose to have VirtualBox automatically create your first user for you when setting up Ubuntu. The first user is not added to ...
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Do I really need recursive chmod to restrict access to a folder?

It goes without saying that, if you created a file two days ago (with a publicly readable mode), and somebody read the file yesterday, or made a copy of it, then there’s nothing you can do today to ...
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Confused by "groups" and the Linux "permission model"

But I don't really get the concept of a group. From what I've gleaned a group is just a bunch of users. (But does that mean a user can belong to multiple groups?) Yes, and yes. A group as I ...
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Is superuser the same as root?

Yes, as a general rule, root and superuser are the same; "root" is a/the name typically given to a user with full system privileges on a Unix type system. It is technically possible for other users/...
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Setting SSH keys on Windows 10 OpenSSH server

Note that if you are setting up keys for an administrator user, putting the public key to %USERPROFILE%/.ssh/authorized_keys will not work. You must append the public key to %PROGRAMDATA%/ssh/...
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Reload a Linux user's group assignments without logging out

Using newgrp command solved problem for me: newgrp <GroupName> This blog post has detailed explanation.
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Windows SSH: Permissions for 'private-key' are too open

You just need to do at least four things: Disable inheritance Convert inherited permissions to explicit permissions Remove Users group You will end up with no Users can access private files, this ...
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If I allow permissions to an application using UAC in Windows, can it hack my personal files or data?

On the contrary. The application can steal/delete/encrypt your stuff even without asking for elevated permissions (using an UAC prompt). One MUST NOT run untrusted software, ever. When you launch a ...
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How much can we rely on filesystem permissions for security?

Shorter answer. If you have physical access to a computer system—PC or data storage system—and the only “protection” in place are file permissions, you have 100% no protection. That unencrypted data ...
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How can rsync fail due to missing permissions if remote login occurs with root?

Another possible interpretation of ssh or rsync giving Permission denied, please try again.. The reasons is that the remote rsync is in an unusual location and has to be specified with --rsync-path on ...
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Unable to write to /tmp directory in macOS, unable to correct permissions: “Operation not permitted”

Reboot your Mac into recovery mode Open Utilities menu in the top bar > open Terminal csrutil disable Reboot Remove the tmp folder sudo rm -i /tmp sudo rm -i /private/tmp Create tmp folder sudo ...
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Permission denied because search permissions are missing on a component of the path, after chmod and chgrp

Usually the execute permission for one path is not set, like it was in this question. The easiest way to solve this is the following command: chmod a+rX -R /var/www But on using CentOS7 or RHEL7 you ...
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Windows SSH: Permissions for 'private-key' are too open

use below command on your key it works on windows icacls .\private.key /inheritance:r icacls .\private.key /grant:r "%username%":"(R)"
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chown - Operation not permitted even as root user

exfat doesn't support file ownership. There's no place to record it in the bits being stored on the USB drive, so Linux gives you an error when you attempt to change them. Try mounting with uid=1000,...
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Using custom fonts without administrator rights?

From Windows 10 17704 onward you'll have the ability to install fonts without admin rights Font installation for non-admin users Have you ever wanted to use your own fonts from your account on a ...
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Editing/Creating files in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

The WindowsApps folder is one of the most heavily protected folders in Windows 10. It contains all the Windows UWP apps, to which Microsoft zealously guards the access. The protections on this folder ...
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Is superuser the same as root?

Superuser is the generic term to refer to the user account used for system administration. That means that the superuser has the ability to perform privileged operations such as creating/deleting user ...
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