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How would I best solve putting HUGE personal files in drive D

I want to install onedrive. That requires around 1TB of space. You'll have an option to change the OneDrive sync directory after installation. Then I have to turn off the option for inheriting ...
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About denying full-control for other users in folder-files security permission?

By default, the only real private files in windows with no read permissions are the %userprofile% folders (Usually C:\users\username\) and some system files. If you want other folders to be hidden, ...
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Cygwin weird behavior on security permissions

The best and fast way to copy Windows files is to use Robocopy https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/robocopy See option /COPYALL for copying also the NTFS ...
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Commands to bring back the default permissions

If System Restore is enabled and you have a recent enough save point, then use it to rollback Windows to a previous good state. Otherwise, as far as WindowsApps is concerned, try to use the script of ...
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