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How does binding happen in Linux?

Actual definition of The address is reserved by IANA for it's definition in RFC 1122 as: IANA IPv4 Special-Purpose Address Registry... This host on this network [RFC1122], Section ...
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Centos 7 - ping (connect: Network is unreachable)

Two mistakes: The first one is wrong NETMASK The second - it was necessary to restart all services responsible for the network Special thanks for your help John and Romeo Ninov
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If I ping, what host am I pinging?

If I ping, I'm pinging the www host in the domain, right? That is kind of a simplification, but yes, close enough. If I ping, what host am I ...
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If I ping, what host am I pinging?

The first thing to clarify is that in DNS terms, while a "Host" address (eg A or AAAA record) CAN refer to an individual server (and traditionally did most of the time), it doesn't have to. ...
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If I ping, what host am I pinging?

You could say you're pinging a host named "". There is a bit of overlap between 'hosts' and 'domains'. Any domain name at any level counts as a 'host' if it has any "...
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Can no longer ping router, or gain internet access after removing Norton

(DISM / SFC) step 1-2, and 4 completed however step 3 failed, source file could not be found. Anyways, ran step 4 and it was successful, restarted computer. Same error. This means more serious ...
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