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On some router , there is an option to enable/disable device communication inside your lan . The device can ping the router and access to the internet but cannot ping or see the other. You need to check your ZTE router administration website.


You wish to ping from win10 to win11. Ok, good. But first let's shoot for some less ambitious goals. Bring up win11 and try to ping the router address, or try to ping an internet address such as the nameserver. Having accomplished that you could move on to attempting the same for win10, and then finally get win10 to ping win11. The very ...


This shouldn't be happening, since small packets should work well without the DF flag. You might perhaps be hitting an external firewall that protects against ping flood, which is a type of denial-of-service attack. In this attack, the attacker will fragment a large message into very small packets, requiring the target to keep the fragments in memory in ...


The ping roundtrip time depends on a lot of influences, such as the network (sloppy cabling, bad switch, ...) but also on the CPU load of the pinged device. With many "boxes" (not only in France) have I seen their CPU running at 90%+ if they serve a handfull of connections running highly interleaved packet flows. This does show up in much higher ...


Add to the netsh advfirewall command the following parameter: remoteip=IPAddress


Following : Bogdan Kondratov answer, here is a free http-ping utility for windows Download at : Usage behind a proxy ( e.g company proxy ) http-ping -p

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