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Make my ip accessible from external server

Check which one is the IP address of your Mac and your Public IP, for example going to https://www.whatismyip.com/ If they are different, your internet router is doing NAT. You have to configure in ...
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How does proxy server know which client is the recipient of a response?

The requests come into the proxy as separate HTTPS requests over separate TCP connections, and the proxy makes separate HTTPS requests to the real server (YouTube in your example) over separate TCP ...
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How to access the SSH through another server

I think that what you are looking for is called SSH Bastion and you can easily configure it by creating a ssh config file inside you .ssh directory. A good description is here: https://goteleport.com/...
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Forward one port from a PC with no admin rights

It's not as fast as doing it in-kernel, but this can be done without administrative privileges with socat and other similar tools: This command listen on port 5050 and forward all to port 2020: socat ...

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