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Is it okay that part of the power jack is outside the device?

That's fine, and within normal tolerances. Some sockets will be deeper than others, so cable manufacturers leave themselves a bit of extra length on the plug to ensure maximum compatibility. There ...
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Adding power to my motherboard prevents it from starting

Please make sure that you are using the right power connector. The EPS_12V connector looks similar to a PCIe power connector but the polarity is reversed and the keying may not necessarily prevent you ...
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Computer restarts in 4 seconds after shutdown

Inspired by https://superuser.com/a/923477/269608, I disconnected the power cable, then removed the CR2032 3V battery for 30 seconds and replaced it, then plugged the power cable again and restarted ...
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Is it safe to use the PSU from a Sun Ultra 40 to build a modern system?

I'm afraid to tell you this cause it will likely drive up the the cost of these used Sun boxes but ...Yes this works. And quite well actually. The ATX style plug is indeed an ATX power supply plug. ...

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