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Do all external hard drives require a power supply with positive polarity?

Its more that negative center barrel plugs are less common and tend to be found (very rarely) in guitar pedals. Most barrel plugs are center negative and PSUs tend to follow that. For safety's sake ...
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How to correctly use 2 PSUs in a multi-GPU server

I think this is what you need: It will synchronize your two power ...
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PC restarts on power outtage despite having a UPS

I have faced this issue and I found no help on the internet but today I figured out what the problem was. I will not go into much technical things. I bought this UPS ( CYBERPOWER UT-1500E) which is ...
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Dell Inspiron 15-5558 - A battery with low health is detected, charged, but not used

8 years is end of life (even longer than end of life in most cases) for any rechargeable battery (computer, electronics, even automobiles). This applies to battery age and includes light use as well. ...
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SATA/SSD 2.5'' to USB laptop connection dont show up

Not all USB ports comply with the spec. The laptop is not supplying enough power. I too have this issue with an HP Laptop. You can get a split cable that allows you to supply power via the second ...
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