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Windows 11-intermittent interruption on peripherals/lights

The issue seems to have been related to the headset stand I was using. I haven't had the issue since unplugging it.
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Dell does not power down when long-pressing power button?

The Dell power delivery system is no longer controlled by the power button, it's instead wired as an interrupt. The official advice from Dell Cares is, If the BIOS update stalls for longer than 1 ...
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PC restarts on power outtage despite having a UPS

I have faced this issue and I found no help on the internet but today I figured out what the problem was. I will not go into much technical things. I bought this UPS ( CYBERPOWER UT-1500E) which is ...
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Dell Inspiron 15-5558 - A battery with low health is detected, charged, but not used

8 years is end of life (even longer than end of life in most cases) for any rechargeable battery (computer, electronics, even automobiles). This applies to battery age and includes light use as well. ...
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