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HP Laserjet M283fdw stopped talking to Windows/HP Smart

I think it may be as you fear, that original HP drivers can block you old firmware. HP will not confirm it. This is easy to prove when your linux printing does work. I personally would try PrintFab as ...
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How to disable PGBK ink on a Canon printer and use BK for black?

On some printers (e.g. Canon TR8500), there is an option to do this under printing preferences - Page Setup / Print Options / Print With - see below:
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Is it possible to remove a sub-printer from Windows 11

Actually, there is a way to do this in Windows 11. The frustration is that you used to be able to do this in the Windows 7 control panel (pictured above in OP), but all those links now send you back ...
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How to remove an empty, unselectable printer in Windows 11 that shows "Driver is unavailable"

posting here because I happened to have this exact same issue and found the solution on another thread: The ...
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Resend the last print command in Windows

Go to Devices and Printers. Right-click the printer and select Printer Properties. Click the Advanced tab and then the Printing Defaults button. In there you will find a setting to change the number ...
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