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How to use HP M209dw printer on LAN only (disconnect/block it from “phoning home” on the Internet)?

I don't want my printer to chat with its corporate mothership any more. This is not within your control (> 98%). The printer has HP firmware and so, if connected, you cannot control what it ...
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How to make document dimensions match printouts

As suggested by @harrymc the following works. Uncheck the following: Word File > Options > Advanced > Print, is "Scale content for A4 or 8.5 x 11" paper sizes" Furthermore: ...
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Windows prints different margins than specified in the document

music2myear pointed me in the right direction. The problem was indeed the generic print driver installed by that specific version of Windows 11. I had also tested with a installation of Windows 10 and ...
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Word cutting off the sides of my word document?

Only for printers with borderless printing on Windows 11: Open Settings > Bluetooth and devices > Printers and scanners Click on your printer > Printing preferences > Advanced And set ...
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MS OneNote on Mac: how to print landscape?

Unfortunately, it's not a simple "select landscape" solution, which I find ridiculous. However, you sort of "trick" it into landscape by: Widening the content area. Typically it ...
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How to combine two 1-page documents into two-sided print?

An old question, but still relevant - I had the need. I've found a solution which works on the platform I use, and might suggest answers for other cases. In my case I print from a computer I control ...
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