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How to get .PSD Photoshop thumbnails to show in Windows 10?

This is not possible without a 3rd party app. There has been numerous requests to both Adobe and Microsoft for this feature but they seem to be in a stalemate regarding this issue. Just accept the ...
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Exporting layers from PSD results in wrong colors

The PSD in your first link has a colour space of "CHG_02_051117". If you converted it to sRGB then all your images would probably look the same. If you have many images to process in GIMP, you can ...
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How to get .PSD Photoshop thumbnails to show in Windows 10? download pictus open it. open a .psd file in it the 'codec' to open psd files ends up in explorer and all psd files will open in Explorer ever after I have been looking for ...
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PSD (photoshop) editing on Ubuntu

Krita is best for editing/opening .psd files in ubuntu. GIMP will not open the .psd files by default and may need further plugins, which might be complicated. Krita opens the .psd files without ...
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How can I enable my users to view EPS, PSD, and AI files without the Adobe Creative Suite?

Ghostscript alone is enough to open and view .eps files. This works for me on Windows 10, using the latest Ghostscript 9.20 (website, download page) for Windows 64-bit (AGPL Release). Download and ...
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