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How can I make SuperPuTTY open a new session in a tab instead of a separate window?

Changing to Default Settings as @Alan Thompson mentioned did not help me. What worked for me was clicking on View > Sessions in the top left menu. Then in the Sessions window, right clicking on a ...
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Convert puttygen Ed25519 private key to JKS

I tried with an RSA key and it works fine Until version 7.8, OpenSSH used the OpenSSL 'traditional' (i.e. non-PKCS8) formats for privatekey types RSA, RSA, and ECDSA, but not Ed25519, which uses ...
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How come I can't enter my password in PuTTY?

first of all, you cant see password, not even cursor moving in that terminal: so you can do two things: both worked for me:: you can copy password and go to that terminal and use SHIFT+INSERT and ...
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