Python is an interpreted, general, high-level programming language. Programming questions are off topic. Questions about the use of Python should be asked at Stack Overflow ( instead.


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Python's direction and language development is still controlled by its original author, Guido van Rossum. Guido is now an employee of Google, which uses Python exclusively as its glue/scripting language. He is affectionately known as the language's 'benevolent dictator'.

As of Spring 2011, there are two major development branches of Python: 2.x and 3.x (Python 3000). Python 3000 was released with many breaking syntactic changes as a result of efforts to promote consistency in the language and to fully integrate Unicode support. This has led to slow adoption of the new version, as many people are dependent on the extensive libraries available in Python and many libraries have not been upgraded to support Python 3.

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