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How to install Azure Cognitive Services Speech from source

On Windows or macOS, you can bypass these issues of the Python SDK with the aspeak (Azure-speak) package. Similar to the Python SDK, it is a wrapper to synthesize speech from Microsoft, but it's more ...
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How to install Azure Cognitive Services Speech from source

When you visit PyPi page, go to Download Files tab. There, you can find Build Distributions. Download the .whl file available for macOS 10.14+ x86_64. Link Once you have downloaded the file, you can ...
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How do I write code of more than 1 line in the Python interpreter?

go to file open new file THen New file will open enter the commands save it THen press "run" in the main menu enter image description here
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Are there commands in PowerShell 7 to split the current window into four and request to run Python files in each of them?

You can call windows terminal [wt] with the split-pane [sp] function to create a new window in split pane, and you can specify /w 0 to do so in the current window; essentially you can run this ...
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Windows 11 Taskbar Icon Not Match File Icon

Simply MS Windows always uses the window icon in the Taskbar. To get around this to have the Taskbar show a different icon from the EXE Window we need to create a hidden window with the icon we need ...
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How to configure alternatives for Python?

Try update-alternatives --config python and update the current selection using the arrow keys. This gives the option to set the default python version.
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Homebrew and Python 2.7, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11 and 3.12: How to clean them all?

Not everything you have listed is Homebrew and not everything should be removed. Your list shows macOS and application specific Python stuff that is not controlled by Homebrew and those items should ...
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How to fix python error "OSError: [WinError 10049] The requested address is not valid in its context" on windows 10?

It seems this problem cannot be solved. You have to use a different OS.
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How to correct the indentation of Python code with BBedit? Or some other tool?

In order to reformat automatically Python code, use the black formatter. In can be used directly from the command line or from a Python IDE that accepts 'black' as a plugin. An alternative to just ...
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"This view is read-only" in IntelliJ IDEA

This appears to be a bug in IntelliJ. You might want to leave a comment in the issue tracker with reproducible steps:
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"No commands supplied" error when executing a Python script on Ubuntu can also contain calls to setup() with a script_args argument: from setuptools import setup, Extension setup(ext_modules = [Extension(...)], script_args = ['build_ext']) Although not ...
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Predict a disk's near failure or burnout

It is not straight-forward to determine overall disk health from S.M.A.R.T. data. Some items indicate imminent failure, others, such as number of power cycles, give only the vaguest idea, or none. ...
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How to call ifcconvert from the terminal

Download the zip from here. Then extract the binary file from the zip and place it is a directory, say .local/bin . Assure the directory is in PATH. In order to do that open .bashrc file from the home ...
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