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Make OS X's Quick Look work for custom file extensions

A solution for 2021... QLColorCode is an alternative to QLStephen. I have used them both over the years but have had more success with the former. My use case is being able to read my-example....
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how to change the default application for Mac OS quick look

QLStephen described by @jobatabs is only one of the many plugins. In fact, at the time of this answer (2021), you can find various kinds of plugins to install to 'quicklook' various types of file ...
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How to change font size or use another font in Quick Look on OSX?

You will not be able to change the size of the font directly in the pop up (discussed here), but you can change the size of the pop up box to make the text larger and easier to ready. @Howie in an ...
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