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Raid 1 LV partially up and unable to repair, the down rimage is missing

ok, I find the reason. In initramfs boot phase, one of my disk (the missing lv's pv) is up later than another. In raid1, when one disk is ready, the virtual block device (rootfs) become active. Once ...
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Why don't RAID systems protect against motherboard crashes?

you are wrong solution exists and it's very simple: raid 5 or any mirroring : protect from one or more hd/ssd failures if raid is hardware - like adaptec etc - you can bought additional battery to ...
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Can I use a normal 3.5" hard drive in RAID configuration for CCTV recorder in proxmox enviroment

The drives should work but some will work better then others... The devil is in the details. I'm not aware of RAID drives being substantially more expensive then regular drives (ie WD red vs blue). ...
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Disable warning from mdadm for “degraded” RAID1 with missing drive

I had a similar situation today on another system that I am migrating away from: I removed a disk from the RAID1 in order to transfer that data to the new system. The old array is now “degraded” but ...

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