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Kali permanently remove sign-in and GUI

Ok, so I figured it out. You want to run sudo raspi-config and go to Boot Options>Desktop/CLI>Console then exit and reboot
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libc6-dbg depends on older version of libc6. Is there way to downgrade?

you can try 1. $ sudo apt remove libc6-dbg -y 2. $sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y If you are sure need install libc6-dbg, please execute below $ sudo apt install libc6-dbg
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How to display feh fullscreen slideshow on second screen

I was just looking to do the same and found that I can utilize various monitors in my setup by adding the --xinerama-index {screen_index} flag. example feh --geometry 1920+1920 -xFZD 7.0 --xinerama-...

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