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How can I configure Remote Desktop access from a specific laptop to my workstation within the LAN (no AD) with the highest possible security?

Remote Desktop itself doesn't have built-in mechanisms for this, and the best security would be achieved through external means (i.e. not involving the RDP authentication process – not just because it ...
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Blurred/disabled remote desktop session Windows 11?

For now, I just put a $10 mouse jiggler to keep the session active… Looks like I am the only person in the world who had this problem given no answer on this post.
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Audio over RDP choppy, even on a Gb LAN connection. WHY?

I know it's an old post but I've just had to find a fix for the same issue. I don't have enough reputation to comment so I have to post an answer. Method 1 - Host defaults to Medium audio quality On ...
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