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To what extent can a computer be reset to factory settings?

If you want to "reset" a computer as near "pre-assembly specs" as possible, you need to wipe the drives, reset the BIOS and disassemble the individual parts. Wiping the drives, so that they are ...
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How to copy Cyberduck bookmarks to another MacBook?

Full answer from the Cyberduck documentation: Preferences and application support files location Preferences are saved in ~/Library/Preferences/ch.sudo.cyberduck.plist. Bookmarks, ...
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How can I restore a lost Chrome session?

Update 9/5/2021: This answer and the script have been updated. Now it works again with the new Chrome "Session_" and "Tabs_" files. Don't restart Chrome again yet (hopefully you'...
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To what extent can a computer be reset to factory settings?

It is possible to boot a computer without installing the OS on the hard disk. This is what happens with DBAN. The DVD or USB contains an image file of an operating system which is loaded into memory, ...
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How can I restore a lost Chrome session?

As I just had this happen to me let me describe the scenario and why CTRL-SHIFT-T doesn't work for me: a new driver crashed my PC so I had to restart while I waited for all the system tray icons (...
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Restore found.000 files to their original location in Windows 10

You could try disk scavenger/recovery software, but I wouldn't hold high hopes. When you use chkdsk to repair the file system, that's what it does - it repairs the file system. It doesn't care what ...
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How to copy Cyberduck bookmarks to another MacBook?

In Sierra: User -> Library -> Group Containers -> G69SCX94XU.duck -> Library -> Application Support -> duck
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How can I undo or rollback an "apt-get upgrade" command on Ubuntu?

I had to do this today on my Debian system. First, I identified the time range when the offending upgrade happened, and retrieved the log entries giving the old and new version numbers of the upgraded ...
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To what extent can a computer be reset to factory settings?

The entirety of the OS depends on the first few sectors of the hard drive. Without this critical first sector, the entire hard drive may as well be filled with random bits. You can grab a Live Linux ...
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How to backup a local Windows 10 user profile and restore it in Windows 10?

Option 1 Right-click on Start and select Settings In the Windows Settings dialog select Update & Security On the left side select Backup Now in main window click the hyperlinked: Go to Backup and ...
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How can I undo or rollback an "apt-get upgrade" command on Ubuntu?

I also had to undo an package upgrade today on a couple of Debian servers. I successfully reverted the packages to the last version by using aptitude, whereas the following awk command was very ...
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To what extent can a computer be reset to factory settings?

There are a few things which are unclear from your post - specifically if a computer is to be returned to its "factory" state, depending on the PC it will either have an OS on a disk image on the hard ...
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Force reinstall of all chocolatey packages after profile "migration"

It seems this should work: choco upgrade all --force ... and remember to execute this in a Powershell opened with "Run As Administrator". Edit: If any of the installations fail (which occasionally ...
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How to copy Cyberduck bookmarks to another MacBook?

For backup, just simple: access bookmarks pages, at here select bookmarks which you want to backup (or press CMD A to select all bookmarks), then drag-n-drop them to Desktop or anywhere For restore: ...
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Restore of a MYSQL Backup is very slow

Your process is slow due to heavy disk I/O activity for SQL operations. You need to optimize innodb for intensive operations. Modify your mysql configuration file to have these lines: ...
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How can I restore a lost Chrome session?

The easy way: Press ctrl+shift+t as many times as required to re-open all previously opened tabs. The slightly more complicated way: Access your browser's history by pressing ctrl+h and select the ...
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How can I restore a lost Chrome session?

I recommend using The Great Suspender. Besides allowing you to keep open tabs "suspended" (so they don't consume memory) it keeps a record of your windows and its respective tabs. My computer just ...
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How can I backup a Ubuntu system and restore it on another maching with completely different hardware?

I set up machines, customize them a bit and then restore them onto other machines, almost always with different hardware, so here's what I normally do: NOTE: sometimes I have issues with graphic ...
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To what extent can a computer be reset to factory settings?

Since I don't have enough reputation to comment, I'll post this as an answer. You mentioned that you have the Windows 10 installation media on a USB drive. If you press Shift+F10 in the Windows Setup ...
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How to partclone an NTFS partition to a smaller disk without having space for the full image

Does not work yet from point 16 on. Maybe because there was a stale loop device I did not delete. partclone raw dump into sparse image This solution is dangerous to your data. Only try if you ...
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Google Drive not recognizing folder after Time Machine restore

I did not even need to re-intall G Drive. This is what I did, which worked smoothly: I have disconnected my account through the Drive application and GD warned me that he was leaving the GD folder ...
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Macrium Reflect rescue media won't open a backup image file

So I now have an image created with a later version of Relect than the one that created the rescue media. That's more than likely the problem. Create new rescue media and try it with that.
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To what extent can a computer be reset to factory settings?

Use Ultimate Boot CD to wipe the drives and reset the BIOS. That's all you can do from a software standpoint. The reset is to take it apart physically. The reason i suggest UBCD is because it has a ...
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Save the machine state before shutdown and load it back on boot?

Yes that’s what hibernation is. Possible on all major desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS). Depending on how much physical memory was in use when shutting down, fully restoring the state ...
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How to restore Chrome without "Restore" button and the files "Last Session" and "Last Tabs"?

Just gone through that issue now and wanted to restore a browser window, on desktop, with 8 tabs opened. I solved it by going to browser’s History and there, on top, I could read under “Recently ...
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Restore sound configuration

All the alsamixer settings are stored in: /var/lib/alsa/asound.state To restore alsa settings to factory default in raspberry pi 3: Take a good alsa file, like: /MyBackup/asound.state Make a backup ...
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Restore Windows 10 to factory settings?

Windows has a feature called Reset since Windows 8. This cleans out all personal data and applications.
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Won't I lose my Windows 10 license if I restore Windows 8.1 from backup

As long as you’ve upgraded within the last month, you can uninstall Windows 10 and downgrade your PC back to its original Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system. You can always upgrade to Windows ...
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How to restore factory settings in Vaio laptops?

Question 1: Yes you can restore factory settings. Sony has restore media available. When I tried to restore my wife's Vaio, they were charging about 15 USD for it. That was about 5 years ago. I ...
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Whole system backup and recovery

It is more than enough for recovery (actually it isn't recommended to do this on live system, but if you don't use frequently changed files such as database for example then system can figure how to ...
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