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5 votes

Are spare sectors stored in a hard drive's Host Protected Area (HPA)?

No, I don't believe spare sectors are stored in the HPA. From Where do replacement hard drive sectors come from? and it's reference Bad sector remapping there's a "spare sector pool" but it ...
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3 votes

Will disabled secure boot put at risk my pc?

In and of itself, disabling secure boot won't put your PC at risk BUT if your computer IS compromised it is possible for an attacker to compromise your system more thoroughly and to hide their ...
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3 votes

High CPU usage unless task manager opened, but no rootkit detected

The behavior you notice is normal for machines using V1903. I see it on all my own and client machines. It is just Task Manager normalizing and nothing to worry about if CPU is normal after 5 seconds ...
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3 votes

Why I can see lot more free disk space as root than as a user?

Some filesystems can reserve some disk space for administrators (so that admins have wiggle room in case filesystem gets “full”). By default for ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems, 5% are reserved. When ...
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3 votes

Is this some type of malware?

This is the Atom text editor. It's built on the Electron framework, and Electron itself uses a variant of the Chrome browser as its frontend; the very long command-line you're seeing is typical for ...
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2 votes

Windows 10 Reset PC with malwares,viruses and rootkits

It depends on how badly your computer is infected. Secure boot is designed to prevent this, but it would definitely be possible on say, a uefi computer with secure boot disabled for malware to install ...
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2 votes

Will installing new Windows build remove any rootkits and trojans?

Updating Windows does not affect any personal files, only system files. As any malicious software would not be a 'system file', there's a reasonable likelihood it would remain untouched. See How can I ...
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Will disabled secure boot put at risk my pc?

The secure boot won't prevent rootkits to get into the system. Secure Boot just assures the System you try to boot is trusted. It has nearly nothing to do with Antivirus. IMHO: No, Windows defender is ...
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1 vote

Format and encrypt compromised USB stick with TrueCrypt to make it clean again?

Your best option (if i understand well what you are trying) is to use a Linux to write zeroes all over the USB, then use gdisk or fdisk to create a new MBR or GPT empty table, after that treat it as a ...
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