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My global IP address is

I am using Ubuntu and found out that my global IP address is… It's not global. Do not pay much attention to scope global; that field within 'ip addr' never had any significance to IPv4 entries (and ...
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Which server & client options are needed to create an OpenVPN "Remote Access" i.e. "Client-to-Site" VPN, without routing all traffic through the VPN?

The summary is "push routes (and other options) you want and don't push routes you don't want", there is really nothing more than that. To avoid redirecting all traffic, do not push the ...
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In Ubuntu Linux, How can I ensure a default Gateway's metric is lower than any other gateways?

Firstly, I would use ip route, not just route. iproute2 package will replace net-tools shortly. While there are better solutions I could suggest, if I had more details about your setup, eg: re you ...
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