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IPv6 Wireguard ULA Routing

Ensure the AllowedIPs wireguard setting of the VPS allows the IPs of other clients though the interface. Replace line starting with - with the line starting with + in Alice and Bob's wireguard .conf ...
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Route traffic of certain websites to VPN connection

I found answer. Manual Enter VPN connection properties->Networking->Double-click on IPv4 protocol->Advanced->Uncheck "Use default gateway on remote network"->Ok Then connect ...
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Getting error "the specified gateway ip address is not valid" when trying to set up a static route on Linksys mesh router

So while trying just about everything, I stumbled upon a small detail in the Help tab. It stated that: Since I was using my PC on 172.16.20.x to configure the router, it dawned on me that as far as ...
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How to run a web server on my PC without static ip

To make your device accessible from the Internet you can use service You get full public IP experience and TCP and UDP protocols at your service.
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Windows IP route metric 0

I tested with both USB Internet (HUAWEI) and a regular Ethernet connection for completeness. In the netsh in ip sh ro output, metric 0 is always just the gateway address. HUAWEI: ...
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Ip route : access ip on different interface trough Wireguard VPN

To solve the problem, I added the subnet of my interface ( to the client (the Linux PC) AllowedIps of the wireguard server configuration file. Doing this will result in wireguard itself ...
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discrepancy in default routes listing

You are seeing here the behavior of the driver for the WiFi router. When not connected, it sets the metric to zero, as long as the device is powered on. I have searched the meaning of a zero metric, ...
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Routing container to wireguard container for a certain subnet not working as expected

I will now answer my own question because I found a way which seems to be the best for me at the moment. First I give the docker network a static bridge name, in this case d-wg (short for docker-...
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How to chain two VPNs at the same time?

On Windows 11, I have tested the use of 2 total different VPN solutions simultaneously. No problem, but when checking the active IP address only that supplied by the last started VPN server occurs.
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