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How can I delete everything and leave only this in Notepad++?

Ctrl+H Find what: ^(.*?,)(?:.*?,){2}(.*?),.*$ Replace with: $1$2 TICK Wrap around SELECT Regular expression UNTICK . matches newline Replace all Explanation: ^ # beginning of line ( ...
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Powershell Winform. How to hide or disable combobox until chekbox checked?

I found the solution myself: $CheckBox3.Add_CheckStateChanged({ if ($CheckBox3.Checked){ $FormComboBox.Enabled = $true } else { $FormComboBox.Enabled = $falce } })
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How to replace Symlinks with the files they point to on Windows 10?

This worked for me $links = Get-ChildItem -Path C:\Test -Attributes ReparsePoint -Recurse foreach ($link in $links) { $source = $link.Target; $destination = $link.FullName; & cmd.exe /...
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Generate PNG with custom text from font file

One possible solution is to use PrintMyFonts. This software offer great flexibility in sense of visualisation of font samples. You can show them on the screen, export to JPG, PNG, MS Word, RTF, html. ...
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Shell script in Mac Automator won't work with folders

Your first problem is the variable assignment in the loop. Let's say I have files. I made it with touch file\ with\ space{001..010}.txt and touch file{001..010}.txt file with space001.txt file with ...
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Bash script vs command line

Your script is not necessarily a bash script since /bin/sh is linked to different shells in different distributions. It it is linked to /bin/bash, then all bash extensions to POSIX are disabled. ...
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Automatically (on login) allow projecting to a computer via windows wireless display

After a bit more work, I ended up just pinning the connect app to my taskbar and using autohotkey to use Win + T and Enter to activate the app. That should be good enough.
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FFMPEG and Powershell Script not working (worked in the past)

After further investigation, I was getting a different error for Powershell and VS Code. The error for PS was access denied, so I first created a new folder in the same folder, and transferred all of ...
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Generating a script through CMD

This whole concept seems a little wonkie. Why not just use the script and run that? .. ok .. whatever .. you do you. :) The script below creates your file in the temp directory in a folder using a ...
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Randomly reorder pages in PDF document

For this purpose, I advice to use qpdf and shuf in a bash script. #!/usr/bin/bash INPUT="${1}" OUTPUT=$(basename "${INPUT}" .pdf)-rand.pdf NPAGES=$(qpdf --show-npages "${...
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