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How to do division and rounding within the string?

Command SET /A can perform division and always rounds down (floor()). set /A calculation=10 / 3 echo %calculation% REM will print "3" You can also use variables in the ...
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LDAP manipulation - Powershell or any other langage?

Powershell probably still works best, but you would use the .net [System.DirectoryServices] class methods. If the LDAP server is similar enough to active directory, you can do a simple LDAP bind+query ...
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How can I run a bash script in zsh?

The literal tilde in your PATH is expanded by Bash, but not by Zsh. In general you shouldn't use ~ inside PATH. Use the full path. In an assignment tilde-prefixes can be used at the beginning of the ...
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How can I run a bash script in zsh?

You need not only to create the script, but also to make it executable. Then, when you run it, the #! line will instruct the system where to find an interpreter for the code. Worked example: cat >...
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Get local IP address/addresses on Arch Linux

If you plan to use ip, this is an example on how to get the correct ip address from this ip address show output: $ ip a 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group ...
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How do I set Task Scheduler to execute Windows Service at __:00/15/30/45 am/pm from start up?

Windows services can have a delayed startup set via the Services applet, but this by default only delays the execution by 2 minutes. You may set this delay to 15 minutes, with the disadvantage that ...
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WinSCPSession error in parameter name 'HostName'. How it fix?

The parameters you are using should go to New-WinSCPSessionOption, not New-WinSCPSession. Like this: $sessionOption = New-WinSCPSessionOption -HostName $ftpServer -PortNumber $ftpPort -Credential (New-...
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