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How to take a screenshot that includes a scrolling element within a web page in Firefox?

My suggestion is to use the Firefox's built in feature that allows you to take screenshots of single DOM element. Just pop open the developer tools → Find the element → Right Click and take ...
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Enable touch-scrolling in Firefox

Edit /etc/security/pam_env.conf and add this line: MOZ_USE_XINPUT2 DEFAULT=1 Log out and in again see https://askubuntu.com/a/994483/34298
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Is there a way to scroll, by pixel, instead of by cell, in either Excel or OpenOffice Calc?

I see you've gotten a lot of unhelpful answers, and this one probably adds to that list. It is not possible to do this in Excel. There was a conversation with an Excel MVP in 2013 on this topic that ...
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How can I invert touchpad scroll direction on Windows 10 on my Asus laptop?

If you have a touchpad: In Windows 10, if you have a touchpad, you will probably have one of the options mentioned in the other answers: Start Menu -> Settings -> Mouse & touchpad -> ...
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Enable touch-scrolling in Firefox

I finally found a solution: start firefox with: env MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 firefox This enables touch-scrolling for me. Pinch-to-zoom does not work for regular web pages, but it does work on some selected ...
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Notepad++ scrolls beyond the EOF

If you update Notepad++ to version 7.0 or above, you'll now also have the option to enable this natively without plugins: Go to Settings > Preferences > Editing, and check Enable scrolling beyond ...
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No smooth scrolling on Windows 10

Here are a couple of settings I found, which you can tweak in Windows 10 to create smoother scrolling throughout the entire OS: Method 1: Right-click on the Windows start button to start in the ...
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Windows 10 - Powershell console, cannot vertically scroll

I found the solution. I had to increase the Height in "Screen Buffer Size" under "Layout" tab in properties.
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How to take a screenshot that includes a scrolling element within a web page in Firefox?

2021 Edit The toolbar was removed from FF. But you can still access the commands by typing them in the console prefixed with a :. So for screenshots use :screenshot --fullpage fullpage.png or :...
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How to make mouse wheel scroll the less pager using bash and gnome-terminal?

export LESS='--mouse --wheel-lines=3'
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Enable mouse for scrolling only in Vim in iTerm (MacOSX)

For Iterm2 Preference -> Advanced -> Mouse Tab, switch: Scroll wheel sends arrow keys when in alternate screen mode to: Yes
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Chrome - How to disable scroll over tabs

Works on ubuntu 20, chromium 93: go to chrome://flags/#scrollable to enable scrolling, set to defaults: "Tab Scrolling" and "Tab Scrolling Buttons" to disable scrolling, enable: &...
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tmux - scroll up/down with shift + page up/down into a pane

Here's a solution that should just work with your muscle memory, allowing you to use Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown as you would in the normal terminal. bind -n Pageup copy-mode -u bind -n S-Pageup ...
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How to view all boot messages in Linux after booting?

So your console has two types of messages: generated by the kernel (via printk); generated by userspace (usually your init system). Kernel messages are always stored in the kmsg buffer, visible via ...
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Can I enable scrolling with middle-button-drag in OS X?

I did it with Hammerspoon with the following configuration script inspired by this thread: https://github.com/tekezo/Karabiner/issues/814#issuecomment-337643019 Steps: Install Hammerspoon Click its ...
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MS Excel scroll bar disappeared

You or another user of the sheet may have minimized your horizontal scroll bar to show the maximum number of tabs in the view. The clue is if there are 3 vertical dots next to the add sheet symbol. To ...
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How to scroll up and down in EFI shell

Yes, you can scroll. Use PgUp or Shift+PgUp to scroll it up. I have checked it in EFI shell v1 and v2 in virtual machines and in a real machine, all variants are working.
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How to take a screenshot that includes a scrolling element within a web page in Firefox?

Using Firefox's Responsive Design Mode, set the width to something normal and the height such that it's enough to encompass the entire page. Then click the screenshot button (the camera icon).
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Cat file to terminal at particular speed of lines per second

just use awk with sleep: awk '{print $0; system("sleep .1");}' log.txt
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Increasing scroll back length of xterm

In the manual of xterm, you can find the description of the relevant option: -sl number This option specifies the number of lines to save that have been scrolled off the top of the screen. This ...
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Scrolling up in iTerm2 shows previous Vim sessions

George Nachman, the iTerm2 guy, ended up solving my problem here. In short, I just needed to uncheck Prefs > Profiles > Terminal > Save lines to scrollback in alternate screen mode in the iTerm2 menu.
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Mouse-scrolling nano in Terminal.app

2022 Update With macOS 12.3, Apple has removed nano from the OS entirely and replaced it with its ancient predecessor pico, but symlinked nano to pico!The below answer will no longer work as of macOS ...
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Reset horizontal scroll bar width in Notepad++

This is not possible. Notepad++ uses the Scintilla editor component which doesn't provide this feature. Yes, it will increase the horizontal scroll range but it won't reduce it. Here's the relevant ...
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Mouse scroll wheel is jumpy

You have to clean your scroll sensor. Dust/hair/etc. can block its work or it can wok in inappropriate way. You can refer to this video for how-to's. Video is about R.A.T 9, but i think it should be ...
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How to set the Linux terminal NOT to scroll down automatically when a running program outputs data to the terminal?

You can temporarily prevent scrolling by hitting CTRL-S on the keyboard, which will pause output until you hit CTRL-Q. This will let you read what's currently on the screen, but could also prevent the ...
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Less seems to no longer accept mouse-scrolls in the Terminal in macOS

After going through a few other answers, I've realized there is a $LESS environment variable that contains default flags. It's empty on my other Mac and Ubuntu system, but for some reason it's equal ...
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Simulate pinch to zoom with scroll wheel in MacOS

I made Mac Mouse Fix. It lets you zoom in and out by scrolling while holding the Command (⌘) key. It works just like pinch-to-zoom on an Apple Trackpad. It works great in Safari, Logic Pro, and ...
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Scroll with arrow keys not working in Chrome

Shortly after posting this question i found another post HERE for firefox and that did the trick. The F7 key was the reason. I pressed it again and things got back to normal.
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Garbage characters are printed on mouse scrolling on iTerm2

This was driving me bananas as well. I noticed that it only seemed to happen in a shell - which led me to install the iTerm2 shell integration, and after a restart of the shell, viola! No more garbage ...
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Can I enable scrolling with middle-button-drag in OS X?

Smooze does that, among other things. (I'm the developer) What differentiate it from other suggestions is the ability to use it in every mac app while still identify links, for example. (in case you ...
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