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Simulate pinch to zoom with scroll wheel in MacOS

Not quite the same thing as pinch to zoom, but it works more globally: I started using System Settings/Accessibility/Zoom/Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom. Pretty sweet!
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How to slow down scrolling in the mail list in Outlook (.exe) to one line per mouse wheel notch

There is an application that sort of fixes the problem called SmoothScroll. Unfortunately, however, there is a yearly subscription model for this application.
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Windows 10 keeps navigating upwards on the Start Menu and on the settings menu, but not in other apps

Check to see that the joy stick lever / stick is not being pulled or pushed against by some object near it. Often its the simple hardware solutions like loose cords, loose connections, or in the this ...
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How can I change the scroll wheel behavior in vim, so that it scrolls instead of moving the cursor?

This is how I have mine set up. zz centers the screen vertically on the cursor every time it moves. It stays in visual mode for highlighting large chunks of code. It escapes first if in insert mode. ...
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