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What happens if you delete all secure boot variables?

In my case on ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360U, disabling the secure boot didn't help and the full NVRAM prevented to even boot from USB with error Couldn't Create Moklist: Volume Full , Something serious has ...
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Odd message during boot using GRUB

This is generated by GRUB. Since GRUB cannot actually boot Windows by itself, what it does is called "chainloading" where GRUB loads the Windows bootloader and then lets it actually load ...
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How to fix error: "FAIL: Unable to load driver '\efi\rufus\exfat_x64.efi': [26] Security Violation"

Rufus and UEFI:NTFS dev here, which is where your error comes from. Unlike the NTFS one, the exFAT driver used in UEFI:NTFS is not Secure Boot signed, and never will be due to Microsoft's arbitrary ...
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