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How to disable 'Save As' option and prohibiting file saving in Adobe Acrobat?

No, not within the PDF file itself. Your only options are: Restrict view permissions: require a password or manage the file system/sharing permissions Restrict edit permissions: make it read-only ...
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How to remove security from a PDF file?

you can use PDF CPU: pdfcpu decrypt in.pdf out.pdf https://pdfcpu.io/encrypt/decryptPDF note that it actually resulted in a smaller resulting file for me, versus QPDF: original QPDF PDF CPU 5,406 ...
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If the Windows Security icon is disabled, will I get notifications from Windows Security?

The SecurityHealthSystray.exe process can be disabled in the tray. You will receive security notifications even if it is not running, although without the icon you may not know about them (link). This ...
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