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The way that I handle this is to move control of the data to the backups destination. For the purposes of this description, production is your production (main) machine and backups is the backup server. This does require that you have a backups server rather than just a data repository, though. Remove ssh equivalence from between production and backups ...


If you mean "SFTP" as in "OpenSSH sftp client": It does not support coloring the output. If you mean "SFTP" as in "SFTP protocol": In theory, there's nothing preventing an implementation of a command-line SFTP client that can color the output. But I do not know such client.


You might consider using BorgBackup in append-only mode. This involves backing up the client to the server over SSH with key-based authentication. Both the client and the server need to have BorgBackup installed. The backup client will ssh into the backup server and run the borg serve command to handle writing the backup data to the server machine. (This ...


SSHFS uses the SFTP subsystem. This is a FUSE-based solution, get familiar with security concerns. You can (and should) do the mounting as a normal user: sshfs user@server:some/path /some/local/mountpoint/ Then use du -sh locally. If the path of the directory you want is some/path/foo/directory on the remote system, then you need to use /some/local/...

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