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How to check SSH key version locally

For OpenSSH-format "one line" public keys: If it consists entirely of decimal numbers, it's a SSHv1 RSA public key. Throw it away. If it consists of a textual key type (e.g. ssh-rsa) ...
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Is the ".sha256" file format formally defined somewhere? How should it be parsed?

A .sha256 file is a text file generated by the sha256sum program. The purpose of a .sha256 file is to enable one to check the integrity of files using the sha256sum program. Its content is not ...
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SHA-2 Code Signing questions

Bearing in mind the certificate has been issued 10. 10. 2016, i.e. after 1. 1. 2016, does this somehow influence how the signature will behave? I ask this on behalf of reading about deprecation of SHA-...
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Why do .sha256 hash files include asterisk before and after filenames?

The man page says: The default mode is to print a line with checksum, a character indicating type ('*' for binary, ' ' for text), and name for each FILE. Using sha256sum -b ${filename} you can ...
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How to generate a SHA-256 hash in base64 format from commandline?

I suggest the following piped command: printf InputKey | sha256sum | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | xxd -r -p | base64
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Looking for HotFix to allow Windows Server 2003 to connect via SHA256 SSL

This is a long shot. I am looking for a hotfix that allows Windows Server 2003 to connect to websites using SHA256 (SHA2) SSL. I found a number of articles that reference it, but they all point to ...
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How to create SHA2 on Oracle DB

How can I create a SHA2 certificate using Oracle Wallet if I have only Oracle 11.1 database? You can't. You have two options: Upgrade Oracle to at least version 12.1, or Use a public domain version ...
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