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The definition and application of the word 'Shell' in computing

A 'shell' is an encapsulating object, often a process. svchost.exe is an execution shell to encapsulate (call) services defined by shared-library (DLL) functions. A user shell encapsulates that user's ...
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Full command text with unix ps

The simplest way if you really want the entire cmd then I used something like this ps --cols 240 -o start,etime,cmd < whatever other options to see the processes> make sure the cmd is the last ...
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Error when using apt install in Ubuntu shell of Windows 10

That type of error can occur when the Package Manager's repository cache has not been updated recently. Give sudo apt update a go which should fix it. If not, it could either be a broken apt sources ...
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How to disable row highlighting on iterm and oh-my-zsh?

This is iTerm2 feature added recently. uncheck [ ] Click on a command selects to restrict Find and Filter UPD: to get rid of tiny arrow at the beginning of the line Go to iTerm2 preferences: Profiles -...
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Shell underlined with link or info box

This approach is not safe to use at any important part in a production env, since not every terminal supports it. echo -e "Follow me on \x1b]8;;\x1b;Stack Overflow\...
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exit code segment causes Bash prompt to freak out

You still need to surround each color code with brackets for the same reason, but instead of \[ and \], they have to be \001 \002. The latter are what the Readline library actually expects, while \[ \]...
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